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  • Condo Living: 7 Advantages to Purchasing a Condominium

    The condo experience combines that of the apartment and the home. You purchase a condominium and own it.  This is like owning a home.  Condominiums also share qualities with rented apartments.  Residents live in a vicinity of surrounding building residents. Purchasing a condominium comes with perks. Here are seven of them.  Each shows that ownership can be quite the advantage.   Price … Read More

  • Palm Beach County was the Nation’s Hottest Real Estate Market in 2016

    Palm Beach County Real Estate On Fire In 2016, the Palm Beach County Real Estate market found its way to the top of the country’s list of best housing markets in which to keep your eye. While booming metropolises like San Francisco continue to grow in volume, the demand for luxury homes in South Florida draws people to Palm Beach … Read More

  • Palm Beach Real Estate Trends: Canadians Flock South in Search of Warmer Weather

    People are flocking left and right to Florida in search of warmer weather. When people think of those who work their way to Florida in search of warmer weather, they often think of snow birds. Snow birds works as a term for those who come down from the colder areas of the United States down to a warmer area like … Read More

  • 5 Best Areas for Young Professionals in Palm Beach County

    When I think of Florida, I think of old, retired people with wrinkly skin, going out to relax on a beach with alligators. Individuals who are done working and just want to live out their last days where the weather is suitable for their health, and want to live life in the slow lane. Well, that’s what I picture when … Read More

  • Fun Facts About Palm Beach County You May Not Know

    Palm Beach County is situated alongside the Atlantic Ocean. The county stretches north to south from Jupiter to Boca Raton and east to west from the ocean to the state’s rural center. Palm Beach covers two thousand eighty-six square miles. In 2013 the population of Palm Beach County was 1.3 million. There is plenty to do and see in Palm … Read More