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  • 3 Steps to Take When Selling a Condo

    Are you planning to sell a┬ácondo in Palm Beach Florida? Are you overwhelmed with everything you need to get done in preparation? Well have no fear, Scott Gordon Realty is here! 1. Find a Real Estate Agent You need someone you can trust to help you sell a condo. Ask friends or family if they can refer you to one. … Read More

  • 7 Things About Buying a Condo for the First Time

    First Things First Are you interested in buying a Condo? Buying any home is a major purchase and always requires research and planning. Buying your first Condo carries its very own set of special considerations. We will take a look at some of the most important things you should consider before moving in. Location, Location, Location… When buying any residential … Read More

  • Miami Beach Real Estate

    Miami Beach real estate is some of the most in-demand in all of the country, possibly even the entire world. That is because Miami Beach real estate is located in a picturesque ocean-front location with perfect weather conditions. It includes stunning examples of both classic and contemporary architecture. Plus, it is surrounded by vibrant options for shopping, dining, nightlife, and … Read More

  • Lantana Real Estate

    If you are searching for Lantana real estate, you are looking in the right area. Lantana is one of the most exciting communities in all of Palm Beach County. It combines the best that the region has to offer, with a few things that make Lantana real estate unique and exciting. The Benefits of Buying Lantana Real Estate The best … Read More

  • Jupiter Real Estate: Find Your Dream Home Today

    Jupiter real estate includes some of the most appealing homes and properties in all of Southeast Florida. The reason that Jupiter has been such a popular community for so long is quite simply because it has so much to offer. The area combines excellent shopping and dining, expansive green spaces, lots of family-friendly amenities, and a great sense of community … Read More