Condo Living: 7 Advantages to Purchasing a Condominium

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The condo experience combines that of the apartment and the home. You purchase a condominium and own it.  This is like owning a home.  Condominiums also share qualities with rented apartments.  Residents live in a vicinity of surrounding building residents. Purchasing a condominium comes with perks. Here are seven of them.  Each shows that ownership can be quite the advantage. Price Advantage … Read More

Beachfront Property in Palm Beach County

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beachfront property

Moving Beachside You’ve come to Florida to live by the beach, and there is nothing better than a beachfront property. Imagine waking up and leaving your house to meet the sea. If you live by the water, you don’t have any traffic to deal with to get to the beach; there isn’t a problem with finding parking, and you don’t have to … Read More

Beach Point • 102 West | 2660 S Ocean Boulevard 102 W, Palm Beach, FL 33480

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Available for Annual or Seasonal Lease! $6,000 -$8,000/Monthly and Beautifully Furnished Newly Renovated Oceanfront Direct, with Huge Outdoor Living Room Patio Deck Oceanfront with a large living room outdoor space, this beautifully furnished one bedroom has been completely renovated. Formerly a two bedroom apartment this unit also holds 2.5 bathrooms, an office that can convert to quest quarters, and wonderful … Read More

Outdoor Living at Home: Wraparound Balconies

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Outdoor Living at Home Wraparound Balconies

While condo living has many benefits, some people worry about the lack of outdoor space. And when you live in a place like Palm Beach, you want as much outdoor living as you can get. Fortunately, there is a way to get the best of both worlds. You can get all the benefits of condo living with the pleasure of … Read More

Multifamily Buildings are Making a Comeback

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Multifamily Buildings

Multifamily buildings are making a comeback in the housing market. Not everyone is interested in living in the suburbs or homes, and the city life attracts buyers of all ages. This has helped revive the multifamily complex market and increase its standard of living. What are Multifamily Buildings? Multifamily buildings are housing complexes that range from apartments to condominiums to … Read More

Palm Beach Waterfront Condos

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Palm Beach Waterfront Condos

Summer has just begun, and the heat is almost at its peak. Nothing better than enjoy the beauty of Florida from the window of a highrise condo. A Palm Beach Waterfront Condos is among the hottest properties on the market this season, and Scott Gordon Realty has the most luxurious listings.Real Estate on this pristine escape is in high demand. … Read More

Palm Beach Waterfront

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palm beach waterfront

The Palm Beach Waterfront is a beautiful area with a broad hiking path along the water. As you walk along, you see tropical flowers like Plumeria, large docks, impressive high rises, and palm trees. It’s lovely, and it is one of Palm Beach’s best kept secrets! There are plenty of benches where you can rest. Checking out the luxurious yachts … Read More

Palm Beach Condos Sales reached Record Numbers in 2015

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This image is the exclusive property of Andy Frame / Andy Frame Photography and is protected under the United States and International Copyright laws. Palm Beach Condos Sales Influences Luxury Real Estate Agent Scott Gordon was crucial in the negotiations of a million dollar condominium unit in Beach Point last year. The three-bedroom was one of the over 400 units … Read More

Palm Beach Condos for Sale

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With hundreds of places for sale, you can locate a great new home to live in luxury or buy up condos at a lower price point to make more luxurious and then sell or rent out. It’s possible to build a great investment portfolio with luxury real estate, and buying condos in Palm Beach can give you a good start … Read More