2018 Florida Real Estate Trends

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Reverse Mortgage - Real Estate Trends

Florida real estate trends in 2018 are looking much better, and everyone is happy about it. After the market took a dip in 2008, the economy has been trying to find it’s footing. Whether it was unemployment rates, personal financial problems or the housing market taking a hit; everyone was affected. In the years since it has struggled to find … Read More

From Old to New: Couple Renovates Beach Point Apartment

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Couple Renovates Beach Point Apartment

It is not uncommon for people to move in order to be closer to their family. However, it is pretty unusual to move after you finish renovating your new apartment. That is the story of the Gurbacki’s. Five years ago Gerry and Jan Gurbacki came to visit friends in Palm Beach. During their stay here the Gubacki’s walked across the street from their … Read More

Florida Condos Will Be Required to Install Fire-Safety Retrofits

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Fire-Safety Retrofits

Governor Rick Scott recently vetoed a bill that would give condo owner associations the option to avoid or delay installing sprinkler systems in older buildings. These costly installations will be required within 3 years. At least 5,600 building in Florida lack these basic fire sprinkler systems – buildings under 75 feet are not required to install these systems. Read more about … Read More

Palm Beach Summer “Mansion Parties” Getting Out of Control

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Mansion Parties

Thanks to social media, and home rental websites like AirBnB, there are some crazy and decadent parties going on this summer up in one of the wealthiest areas in the country – Palm Beach, Florida. In May of this year, a home just shy of $10 million became a “party mansion” when the property manager invited some family members to … Read More

Long-Time Palm Beach Residents Sell Home for $5.5 Million

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Long-Time Palm Beach Residents Sell Home for $5.5 Million

In a busy month for Palm Beach home sales, another multimillion-dollar home has just been sold. After living on the island for 18 years, the Nisbergs have finally sold their home at a price of $5.5 million, breaking down to $1443 per square foot. You can read more about the details of the home here.

Why Is Now Such a Good Time to Buy a Mansion?

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Buy a Mansion

Sellers are dropping prices by millions of dollars as more and more high-end homes are entering the market. Over the past year, the 5 most expensive homes sold in South Florida have amounted to $255 million. And in all but one of these deals, the sellers have had to drop their listing price by several millions dollars in order to … Read More

Renovation Transforms Palm Beach Condo

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Marble floors, white cabinetry, stainless steel appliances, and granite countertops. 2660 S. Ocean Blvd features a condo with an open layout, natural light flooding in all day, and panoramic views that allow residents to see sunrises over the ocean and sunsets over the intracoastal. Beyond the fresh, clean, and crisp features of this newly renovated condo, this pet friendly complex has … Read More

Palm Beach County was the Nation’s Hottest Real Estate Market in 2016

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palm beach county

Palm Beach County Real Estate On Fire In 2016, the Palm Beach County Real Estate market found its way to the top of the country’s list of best housing markets in which to keep your eye. While booming metropolises like San Francisco continue to grow in volume, the demand for luxury homes in South Florida draws people to Palm Beach … Read More

Evans Report Mentioned In Palm Beach Daily News

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First-half Sales Down Have you seen the latest issue of the Palm Beach Daily News? The Evans report discusses the Palm Beach real estate market and many other important points. Including that volatility of the Canadian Dollar may have led to less Canadian buyers. If you would like to read the entire report, click on the images below.