Shopping and Dining at Palm Beach CityPlace

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palm beach cityplace

With over one hundred shops and services, Palm Beach Cityplace is a one-stop shop for a day of fun. There are plenty of things to do, no matter what you enjoy. There are foods for every palate and dietary restriction. And when you feel like getting gifts, you can do that too! All of these can be done in the six … Read More

Empty Palm Beach Lots Worth Millions

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empty Palm Beach lots

In Palm Beach County, empty lots can be worth millions of dollars. Just ask the coffee mogul Robert Stiller. After buying one of the empty Palm Beach lots, Stiller learned first-hand how valuable the land could be. His lot wasn’t the only one with the potential to make money. Find out just how valuable lots are in the area and … Read More

Palm Beach County Property Tax: Who Pays the Most?

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Palm Beach County property tax

Palm Beach is known for its glittering oceanfront location with miles of white sand beaches. It is a storied community where some of the wealthiest Americans have made their home. Consequently, Palm Beach County boasts the best golf courses, family activities, weddings, shopping, and restaurants. Palm Beach is also known for having some of the most expensive real estate in … Read More

Jobs and Home Prices

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home prices

What is the correlation, if any, between jobs and home prices? The 2007 collapse of the U.S. housing market and the subsequent onset of the Great Recession generated a significant amount of inquiry into the link between the two crises. Though some argue there is little to no correlation between job growth and home prices, that’s not necessarily the case. … Read More

What Would the Hyperloop Do to FL Real Estate Market?

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FL Real Estate Market

In September, the company Hyperloop One announced the winners of the Hyperloop One Global Challenge, and it means significant changes to the FL Real Estate Market. Hyperloop is a mode of transportation that is brand new, and an efficient way to move people and cargo from city to city. The Miami-Orlando Hyperloop Hyperloop One identified the route from Miami to … Read More

2017 High-Tech Kitchen Trends

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high-tech kitchen

Top 5 High-Tech Kitchen Design Trends for 2017 The reports are in for 2017 and if you didn’t already know, it’s official: the kitchen is the most valuable room in your home. The kitchen operates as the heart of the home, a place where we cook and enjoy food, and connect with friends and loved ones. And like much of our … Read More

Rush Limbaugh Lives in Palm Beach

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Rush Limbaugh

One of America’s leading conservative voices, Rush Limbaugh, enjoys Palm Beach living with a pleasure palace that’s anything but conservative. Rush Limbaugh’s Move to Palm Beach Limbaugh had previously lived in Florida but left to concentrate on building his career in New York. He returned to Florida, leaving New York for good in 2010 after the city enacted a tax … Read More